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Actor - Musician
  Born in Caracas -Venezuela.

Victor Cuica studied flute, harmony and composition at "THE SUPERIOR SCHOOL OF MUSIC" in Caracas.

1976 - Composes and performs the sound track of the film "THE SEA OF LOST TIME" based on a short story by Gabriel García Márquez.

1979 - His group "VICTOR CUICA AND HIS LATIN JAZZ" made their first breakthrough with a concert at the Teatro Alcázar.

"VICTOR CUICA AND HIS LATIN JAZZ" are invited to San José de Costa Rica, where they perform at the Teatro Nacional.

1980 - "VICTOR CUICA AND HIS LATIN JAZZ" give several concerts in Curaçao and Aruba.

Composes and performs the sound track of the film "MANOA", also playing one of the leading acting roles.

He is hailed as one of the "most outstanding interpreters of classical jazz and an original innovator in Afro-Caribbean fusion" by the specialist music press.

1981 - Victor Cuica and his group are invited to the "MEMPHIS IN MAY" in Tennessee, the cradle of jazz.

1982 - Thanks to his success the previous year, Victor Cuica is invited to the "MEMPHIS IN MAY" again, this time as a special guest.

Gives several solo performances at the "DOMICILE" in Munich-Germany, the jazz club where most well known European and American jazz musicians perform.

1984 - The "RUTAS LIBERTADORAS" tour takes Victor Cuica's jazz to all the main cities of Venezuela.

Records his first LP entitled "QUE SEA PARA SIEMPRE" (May it be forever). The disc is sold out in a couple of weeks.

Presentation at the "Poliedro de Caracas" alternating with the "PRESERVATION HALL JAZZ BAND", the concert is a major success.

1985 - "VICTOR CUICA AND HIS LATIN JAZZ" is the first Venezuelan group invited to play in the "International Jazz Festival of Montreal".

From Montreal the ensemble travels to Quebec to perform at the "Summer Festival", arousing enthusiasm in public and press alike.

Alternates with Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra, the concert is highly acclaimed by the audience and the critics.

1986 - One of the high points of his career as an actor comes with the Best Actor Award at the "FESTIVAL DE MÉRIDA" for his performance as the main character in the film "ANITA CAMACHO".

1987 - Composes and performs the sound track of the film "MACU, THE POLICEMAN'S WIFE", the most successful film in Venezuelan film history.

1988 - Gives the closing concert at the first "CARACAS JAZZ FESTIVAL".

In Madrid he is part of the cast of the film "LOCO VENENO", also performing at various night clubs in Spain's capital city.

1989 - Gives the opening concert at the second "CARCAS JAZZ FESTIVAL".

1991 - Eduardo Marturet, one of the foremost South American composers and conductors, writes "Music for Six and Saxo" for Victor Cuica and the Sinfonietta Caracas.

Shares the stage with Maria Conchita Alonso in the Teatro Teresa Carreño.

Participates in the "POETRY AT THE CENTRE" Series, he sets and performs the music to Reynaldo Perez So's poetry.

Concert with his ensemble at the "5th LATIN AMERICAN MUSIC FESTIVAL".

Soloist at the "2nd INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL OF EL HATILLO" with the Sinfonietta Caracas, Eduardo Marturet conducting.

1992 - CD recording of "MUSIC FOR SIX AND SAXO" with the Sinfonietta Caracas conducted by the composer, Eduardo Marturet. This performance is part of the official musical representation of the Venezuelan Pavilion in ExpoSevilla 1992.

Shares the stage with Armando Manzanero at the Eurobuilding in Caracas.

Gives the opening concert at the "VENEZUELA JAZZ FESTIVAL".

1993 - Victor Cuica records his second CD entitled "NOCTAMBULO" distributed by Sony Music International.

1994 - Victor Cuica is the first Venezuelan artist invited to the "FESTIVAL MAR DEL JAZZ" in Buenos Aires - Argentina. His success is overwhelming.

1995 - The House of the Artist awards Victor Cuica with the "MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR" prize.

  1996 - Shares the stage with Paco de Lucía, Victor Cuica gives two highly acclaimed concerts at the Teatro Teresa Carreño.

For the third time he performs at the "INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL OF EL HATILLO" with his jazz quartet.

Soloist with "ANDY DURAN'S BIG BAND ORCHESTRA" at the "Tamanaco".

1997 - Composes and interprets the sound track of the film "SANTERA", also playing the main male character. He receives the "Best Long Feature Film Music Award" for this work.

Invited soloist at the "FESTIVAL IBEROAMERICANO DE GRAMADO"-Brasil.

1998 - Records his third CD title "JUST FRIENDS", accompanied by Alberto Lazo at the piano.

1999 - Records his fourth CD title "LOS LOCOS DE CARACAS" (The Madmen of Caracas), of Afro-Caribbean and jazz fusion extraction.

Shares the stage with Rocío Durcal, giving four highly acclaimed concerts at the Teatro Teresa Carreño.

2000 - Shares stage with "EARTH, WIND AND FIRE" at the Teatro Teresa Carreño.

2001 - Soloist at the "BARQUISIMETO JAZZ FESTIVAL" and closing concert at the "VALENCIA JAZZ FESTIVAL".

2002 - Performances at various night clubs in New York and Montreal.

2003 - Is paid homage at the Nagua Nagua Jazz Festival and closes the Valencia Jazz Festival. Performs Curacao and Aruba.

Acts in the film "MAROA, A STREET GIRL" a Spanish-venezuelan coproduction.

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